Playing in the Mud



As a kid, it was always fun to get down and dirty in the mud while you were playing in the backyard. Not only was it fun, but I have also heard that it is beneficial to the youngins. The bacteria, viruses and fungi in the soil can help build the child’s immune system and playing outside helps kids connect with the environment around them. BUT there are some negatives to playing in the dirt, especially for families living in or near city centers because many cities have high pollution concentrations, especially lead.

Lead was a huge part in paint, fuel and industrial factories and were used daily for decades. Today, lead usage has come to a halt but is still at very high concentrations in the soil because of the decades of lead accumulation. As you probably know, lead poisoning causes terrible issues with brain and neuron development and many studies have shown high correlations between low IQ scores and high violence in areas with high lead poisoning. If your child is innocently playing with and eating the dirt and it is actually contaminated, there can be many negative effects. A soil test is easy and many times free, contact your city for more information!



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