Satisfying my ICR

Going into spring semester my junior year, I still had not enrolled in a class that would satisfy my Indianapolis community requirement. I just figured that I would take a random class (probably outside of my major) that would satisfy the ICR. Little did I know that our Environmental practicum class would do just that. Not only does it satisfy the requirement, but it also provides us an experience that incorporates our knowledge into actual real life issues in the city of Indianapolis. 

I can not imagine that Butler University offers a course that better provides students with practical real-life experience. Additionally, the speakers that Professor Kesling has brought in to speak with our class has been very interesting. Each speaker has provided us with knowledge about a variety of issues all over the city. Again, this practical information is useful because for once we get to actually apply our knowledge to real life problems.

One day in the future, I look forward to seeing the progress that the R.O.W. initiative has made, and also to think that our class played a role in this process will make this class that much more of a rememberable experience.



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